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Hungry Dinosaur will close our door permanently on Friday 28/10. We will open on 27/10 (Thur) & 28/10 (Fri). 12pm - 5pm or until we are sold out. (Any confirmed appointment will not be affected)

I would like to thank you for all the support and encouragement given to me throughout my journey of running the little cake hidden in the basement. I really enjoy making every cakes for you. I am not very active in social media since i am in the kitchen all day. But I believe you can feel my gratitude through my cakes all the time:)

Hungry Dinosaur was born during the very difficult time in the Covid. I still remember those cold dark winter days, lockdowns and curfew. I am very happy if my cakes have given you some comfort in your bad days, celebrated your happy and special moments. I am so proud that my job is to bring happiness to people.🍰

There is so much in my heart but I just couldn’t turn them into words. Thank you for everything. I hope our paths will cross again the future!

The Hungry Dinosaur - Ashley

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